Impact of GSM Spectrum Auction in 900 & 1800 MHz Band

Somya Agrawal, Neelesh Gupta, Meha Shrivastava


Recently Government of India Auctioned 2G spectrums in both 900 MHz & 1800 MHz Band For the GSM operators whose spectrum License is getting over shortly. If an existing 900 MHz band operator receives 1800 MHz band in the New Auction Process, then it will be interesting to learn about the impact on signal coverage of sites at the same location working at different GSM Frequency Band, before and after the new allocated spectrum implementation on field. In order to estimate the signal parameters accurately for mobile system, propagation analysis provides a good initial estimate of the signal characteristics and path loss. The path loss is associated with the design of base stations as this tells us how much a transmitter has radiated to service a given region. Planning tool is used to assist engineers in designing and optimizing wireless networks by providing an accurate and reliable prediction of coverage, which gives RF engineers a state-of-the-art tool to Design wireless networks, Plan network expansions, Optimize network performance & Diagnose system problems. This paper gives an overview of the differences in the propagation losses for 900 MHz and 1800 MHz frequency band using the suitable propagation model and ATOLL tools. It presents a description of the practical propagation modal, their methodology to plot Coverage predictions.


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