Virtual Speed Breakers Using Radio Frequency

Aishwarya R, Akila P, Jayasree V, Nivetha E


The objective of this presentation is to reduce the number of accidents caused by the conventional speed breakers on the road by slowing the vehicle automatically. This can be achieved by using radio frequency (RF) receiver modules in the future vehicles and use of RF transmitter modules in areas where the speed limitation is required. When the vehicles move into the radiation range of the transmitter the receiver system gets activated and it warns the driver to reduce the speed of the vehicle. This is done unconditionally by limiting the flow of the fuel using ferromagnetic shape memory alloys(FSMA). These alloys come to a different shape upon applying a magnetic field. This technology will prove to be cost effective as it reduces the design cost for the vehicles according to the prevailing road conditions in our country as well as reduce the cost of laying the speed breakers. Above all it prevents the frequent accidents due to the sudden presence of speed breakers. Further this system improves the driving comfort.


Computer Science; ASDF Journals; ASDF; ASDF International; Electronics; Communication Engineering; Communication; Engineering

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