RF Based Online Food Quality Analyser

Shashwat Godhani, Revathi S


Quality of food is determined in terms of food texture, taste and appearance but moisture content (MC) of food is a determination factor of quality & stability of the processed food. Determination of MC in the food product is important economically to big food industries as MC in different food products is measured at various stages of processing and storage. Many techniques have been developed to measure the MC of different food products. Impedance spectroscopy has several advantages over conventional moisture measurement methods and can be used for online moisture measurement. This paper presents the impedance spectroscopy to determine MC of grain samples and reviews the importance of Auto Balancing Bridge (ABB) Circuitry in impedance measurement for moisture analysis. Furthermore, wireless module is also been incorporated for online assessment of MC.


Computer Science; ASDF Journals; ASDF; ASDF International; Electronics; Communication Engineering; Communication; Engineering

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